Photo of Darren Fletcher

Darren Fletcher

Born in Montana, raised in Idaho, I moved to the Phoenix area in 2005 after graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno with a degree in Finance. I come from a unique background of professional golf, financial planning and trading. I use the experience and principals learned in those roles in today: hard work, discipline, attention to detail, follow up, and respect to others.

I pride myself on knowledge and adapting to change in the real estate arena. I am an excellent listener and enjoy working with others on their goals and how buying or selling a home will fit in. I am a very proactive researcher (online and on foot) and enjoy the process of finding the best fit for home buyers. I also take the time to know all the details of a home I am listing. I am diligent in planning for the best way to market a home in its presentation and audience. If I do not have an answer to a question, I have a team behind me with a wealth of experience and knowledge, and I will find the answer in an efficient manner.

In the same light as preparing for a golf tournament or a long-term investment, I use hard work, commitment, and strategy to represent my clients in their best interest. When someone entrusts me with an opportunity to find a home or sell an existing home, I take full responsibility for due diligence, education and completion of the process. My actions will always be directed towards the best end to end experience for each and every client.