Photo of Tanya Rhoades

Tanya Rhoades

Knowing Tanya, you know her immense energy, passion, loyalty, professionalism, business expertise and doing the right things for the right reasons! Tanya has been a successful business woman and leader throughout her career, both in corporate sales leadership and launching a real estate business over 16 years ago.

Receiving industry recognition for innovative technology in Real Estate, and being a Top Producing agent, you might say Tanya has had great influence from her mother, Marilyn Mount: a self-made business woman and top real estate broker in Flagstaff for over 30 years!

That’s not the only legacy she’s carrying on, though. As a 5th generation native Arizonan, Tanya continues the work ethic instilled in her while growing up in Flagstaff and her enjoying the family ranch outside of Flagstaff.

Splitting her time between her Chandler and Flagstaff homes, Tanya spends time with her family and loves to golf, ski, cycle and has a mission of giving back to the community through local charities, where she can make the biggest impact for our neighbors.

From the best ski slopes and the most scenic bike paths, to the finest dog rescue organization and golf courses around, Tanya is a resource for all things Flagstaff and AZ. She brings her knowledge of real estate, marketing, negotiating and her business knack for together with her passion for helping people: earning her clients and friends for life!

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