Photo of Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson

Adam absolutely “loves housing, whether it’s selling, buying, remodeling or building,” he believes one of the keys to success is not just empirical knowledge, but also keen instincts, continuous communication and “watching the market like a hawk.” He has enjoyed long-term success in his chosen field of real estate. Since entering the profession 29 years ago, he has tallied up an impressive assistance total well over 700 million in sales, with transactions that span the industry including residential, commercial, rental and leasing. Real estate and his clients are important to Adam, but the greatest joy in his life comes from his family. When he’s not working, “There’s no better place on the planet than to be with his three children, twenty-one-year old Tyler, nineteen-year-old Mercedes and thirteen-year-old Sienna. In their free time, Adam and his children enjoy traveling extensively throughout the United States as well as exploring Europe.


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